About an Algerian-born writer and filmmaker 

About an Algerian-born writer and filmmaker 

Algerian authors, professors and essayists are very popular around the world because of their outstanding performances in their career life. Assia Djebar was a famous Algerian professor, essayist, and author. She was very popular for her feminist and post-colonial views on Algerian war. She was Moslem raised and Paris-educated artist tackled of different genres like short-stories, essays, novels, poetry, and plays. You may wish to know about this author of several plays, short stories, poetry, and novels. You are at the right place to fulfil such wish.

Different awards

Djebar was born in Cherchell in the year of 1936. She released her initial novel under pen name Assia Djebar in 1957. The name of such novel was La soif. She published next novel namely Les Impatients a year after she released her first novel. In 1958, she married Walid Garn. This duo worked together to write a play performed at the 3rd Pan-African Cultural Festival in 1969. In the same year, she published a volume of poetry known as the Poems pour I’Algerie heureuse. 

Djebar directed her films namely La Nouba des femmes du Mont Chenoua and La Zerda ou les chants de I’oubli in 1977 and 1979. In the later film, Algerian women were singing all the traditional songs. She did several things subsequent to it like publishing a short story collection namely Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement in the year 1980.

The first novel of a projected quartet published by Djebar in 1985 was L’Amour, la fantasia. After a couple of years, she published the second volume namely Ombre sultane. She was the successful author from North Africa to be established into the popular Academic Francaise. She acted as a university lecturer at the university namely New York University. In 1966, she won Neustadt International Prize for literature.