How to check your instagram direct message on online

How to check your instagram direct message on online

Instagram has limited desktop sites where you cannot access the direct message, but in which there are huge number of options are out through which you can check your messages on online. One of the popular ways is to make use of the bluestacks software which is intently developed for the computer device once if you download this software and instagram mobile application in your computer system. This will allow you to use the instagram application with the native interface from the device although there needs a bit of setup installation is required.

If you want to learn about checking the instagram messages on online here’s how to check your instagram messages online so that you can easily check your instagram messages on online.

How to auto-reply to the instagram messages

If you want to set up an auto reply in your instagram messages on online, then you can send reply immediately to any person who sends your account a messages then you just try out the slide application which is of free. With the slide application you can manage your instagram direct messages from the cloud. All messages which you send from the instagram application are backed up in one central location so that you can easily access the lost instagram messages from cloud.

  • Once if you login and created your instagram account on the business settings page
  • Then enter the keyword that you want to insert in your incoming message
  • Also enter in the response area what you want to send
  • Then finally click save option

Once if you set this settings then you can easily send the automate reply to the instagram incoming messages in which even you can reply to the user account who are not there in your instagram profile.