The Bicycle Racks with the Perfect Results

The Bicycle Racks with the Perfect Results

The cycling season is booming and more and more cyclists are starting to ask themselves what to do with the bike after returning home? While the issue of commuting to work and school is basically solved, storage of a bicycle in an apartment can be problematic.

The worst situation is the owners of small apartments, studios and premises located on the upper floors of high-rise buildings. This group is joined by those who rent apartments, which the owner has not made available to the basement, so that they can hold a bicycle in it. The owners of the premises in which there are no balconies also have difficulties, because the bikes most often “land” after riding and in the winter season.

Where to “hide” the bike?

In some large cities, bicycle storage facilities already exist, which can be helpful especially in low season, when there is nowhere to leave two wheels for longer. In the search for a room, you can visit the community (housing association) and ask if there are vacant rooms that once served as laundries, dryers or wheelchairs. If so, they can be rented and adopted for bicycle storage for a small fee, with a bit of luck the cooperative will rent a room for free in exchange for bringing it to order and painting. With the best indoor bicycle racks you can expect the finest result now.

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Some cyclists due to lack of home space leave their vehicles in staircases, others fasten them with chains, e.g. to ladders leading to roof hatches, which are located on the top floors, while others use radiators for this purpose. Such actions have many disadvantages not only does not guarantee the safety of the vehicle, but also can irritate the neighbors. Importantly, in many cases the bike “cluttering” the corridor can be considered an object blocking escape routes that are used in emergencies. However, there are also cyclists who got along with neighbors and leave their bike in their basement.